RefectoCil Longlash Eyelash Serum – Is it worth a try?

My eyelashes are my greatest headache, because (sadly for me) beautiful, long and expressive lashes are very trendy lately. It is hard for me to get even close to ideal eyelashes without lashes extensions, but I regularly test all kinds of serums hoping for even a slight length improvement. Last serum I tested was Nanolash, which was quite expensive, but actually worked. Then to balanced it, I reached for much cheaper RefectoCil Longlash, which review you will find below. How does RefectoCil Longlash appear in comparison to other serums?

At first sight, you can notice that RefectoCil Longlash is a eyelash serum far from luxurious. It has grey-pink packaging with a funny font and German writings on it. In life I try to live by the rule that you shouldn’t judge book by its cover, so I wasn’t discouraged by the design or low price and started the test. Sometimes, those less expensive products bring better results than those more expensive.

When we look at the composition, first thing we see in Longlash serum is castor oil, so you can say that manufacturer wants to provide us with natural nourishment. I should mention that not everyone can use castor oil. Opinions on castor oil are ambiguous – one say that they gain wow effect and others that it causes lashes loss. It is possible that castor oil isn’t my friend either, because after a week of use there was less of them, and lashes were falling out while using mascara.

I used RefectoCil Longlash for a month, because I didn’t want to loose all the lashes. At first, I thought that it is part of the treatment, and that in place of old lashes will grow new, longer and stronger lashes. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and I had to put RefectoCil Longlash away. For me, composition was a total failure, though I believe that this product may find some sympathisers.

As a last thing, I would like to say something about the product itself. Intensive serum for eyelashes and eyebrows Longlash from RefectoCil is significantly different from serums I used so far. I have to admit that Nanolash was much easier in application and most of all worked. Longlash has a small bottle, and the serum has thick and greasy cream consistency, which should be applied with brush or a finger. The only thing to defend this indiscriminate formula is its price – for few pounds I would be able to deal with application of serum, but only if it wouldn’t cause eye irritation and brought results.

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