How to treat skin around eyes? Eisenberg Excellence cream

Skin around eyes is especially prone to dehydration, damages and working of harmful substances. This is the very place where wrinkles, swellings and bruises become visible. All the skin imperfections prove that we take care of our skin in an inappropriate way, and that our organism is fatigued and is carving for vitamins. It is also crucial, to take care of our skin form inside. It is beneficial to include into diet fresh food products rich in vitamins, microelements and minerals. It is also advantageous to consume great amounts of still mineral water and do exercises. If it is only possible, it is suggested avoiding stress-triggering situations and spending long hours in front of a screen. What is a must, if you want to have smooth skin, you have to resign from taking drugs like cigarettes and alcohol. With this in mind, what could be done to take a proper care of skin around eyes?

Eisenberg cosmetic brand knows answer to this question. It designed Excellence cream, a product for eye skin area care. This cosmetic contains plant substances, which treat eyelids and skin under eyes in a complex way. Active substances included into Excellence are, among others, ginseng extract and E vitamin. Ginseng has healing features. The most important ones are slowing down of skin ageing processes and anti-oxygenating action. Moreover, ginseng facilitates enhancement of an organism natural defences, improves concentration and increases resistance to stress. E vitamin is called the vitamin of youth because of its properties blocking penetration of free radicals deep into skin. Furthermore, it strengthens blood vessels which prevents so-called spider veins.

Anti-aging under eye cream Eisenberg Excellence visibly improves skin appearance. It smooths wrinkles, eliminates dark circles and bruises as it shrinks swellings of under eye skin area as well as eyelid swelling. Additionally, it potentiates skin cell regeneration processes, moistures, accelerates collagen production and firms skin. Regular application of the product highlights complexion, brings back youthful look and protects against harmful substances that come from external environment (urban pollution).

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