Lash Extensions Damaged My Lashes!

I was having the lash extensions applied two month ago in the beauty salon in Glasgow. I was extremely excited when I finally made up my mind and decided go for it. The whole session lasted slightly over two hours. When I saw myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe in what I saw. My lashes used to be light and very short. The lash extensions gave me incredible false lash look.

I did not washed my eye area for another 48hrs and I was generally avoiding humidity. I remember that a couple of days later I did not go to the friend’s party because it was raining outside and I was afraid of my lashes. I was also advised not to use any oil-based make-up remover and not to rub my eyes. I was doing everything correctly but my lashes started to fall out pretty quickly. I did not sleep on my face nor was I wearing mascara at that time so I thought that my lashes should be perfect until the infill session that had been scheduled 3 weeks later. In between sessions, my lashes were falling out a lot giving me sparse areas.

Instead of enjoying my long lashes, I was constantly worried that I may look awkward with those gaps. I thought that it was not worth it and two months later, I went back to the salon to have my lash extensions taken off. When I got home and looked at myself, I was terrified with the way my lashes looked. They were even shorter and finer than before. I started looking for a lash serum that could restore their condition quickly. I browsed the net and I saw that there are many lash products that promise to double the length within 2-3 weeks. Anybody who uses common sense can tell whether the product is effective or not. How on Earth can you grow amazingly long lashes in two weeks?!

long eyelashes with nanolashI checked many lash serums and I ordered Nanolash. At the beginning, I was leaning towards Revitalash but when I saw the price, I changed my mind. I understand that long lashes can cost. Mine lash extensions cost me over $150 but why shall I pay more if I can pay less. Nanolash turns out to be the more affordable alternative to Revitalash. They both work the same but I was not willing to rob the bank for long lashes. I started using it over a month ago and I am pleased with the way it works. My lashes are not long yet but I can see that they are much stronger and shiner. I am not sure if it is normal, but I have also noticed that my lashes are a bit darker than before. I have nothing against this positive side effect and I hope that they will become even darker. In the inner eye corner, I have observed plenty of baby lashes so the whole lash treatment looks very promising. I apply Nanolash only once a week before I go to bed. It has a small pointy brush that takes the right amount of product and distributes it evenly on the lash line. I don’t feel any itchiness or discomfort on my lids and it is very lightweight. There is not much more I can say about Nanolash as I don’t use it long enough. Are you using any lash serum that really works? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. Do not have the lash extensions done, my advice

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