Face care cosmetics. What are their types and what to choose?

Face care is the task requiring two things regularity and correctly chosen cosmetics. What are the best cosmetics for face care? Meet their types and choose those that suit your needs best.

There are women who have flawless skin in spite of not using any cream or make-up remover. There are also women who require 10 steps Korean skincare routine and even after all ofthat their skin remains problematic. It is all due to the fact that every skin type needs a different approach. It can be ensured with various cosmetics. It’s time to get to know them all!

Face care cosmetics

Here are products you can find at your local drugstore in the ‘face care’ department. Those are cosmetics able to help you take care of your skin’s beauty.

Face cream

The most popular cosmetic in the face care category which we all tend to go for most often. Creams may have light-weight or heavy texture depending on the task they have bestowed, whether that is moisturizing or protection. You should choose it according to the skin type but also switch it up depending on the season of the year and the challenges that await our skin. The strong suit of the cream is low price, but the flaw can be considered low nutrients concentration and action limited to the surficial layer of the skin.

Face mask

The richer version of the cream recommended for intense skincare is a face mask. It’s a product with specific properties for a specific skin problem, for example, a moisturizing face mask is for dry skin, brightening mask is for dull skin, lifting mask is for mature skin. It’s a cosmetic recommended for regular use (once or twice a week) and you should keep it on for 15-30 minutes.

Face serum

The king of skincare when it comes to cosmetics for face is most definitely the serum. It is characterized by its light-weight texture, high concentration, the fact that it’s infused with nutrients, and that it has the ability to impact deep skin layers. You should keep in mind that a high-quality face serum is the only cosmetic able to reach the deeper skin layers so it can effectively help with skin problems, restore its elasticity, hydration, and even skin tone.

Face oil

The fans of natural skincare often go for oils which can also be used in face care. Those with natural composition, no artificial substances, can replace a face cream, be used as a make-up remover (they can perfectly get rid of waterproof make-up), or be used for Oil Cleansing Method (OCM).

Face mist

The ‘face care’ category can be complemented by a face mist. We reach for it mostly in the summer when we want to cool down and calm skin irritations caused by the sun. The mist can contain oils or natural floral waters. This product has a watery texture and has a temporary action so it should be used a few times a day.

Face toner

An amazing cosmetic for skincare that is also often skipped is a toner. Though it seems redundant, you should consider introducing it to your skincare and use it after the make-up removal and face cleansing. Why? Because it calms irritations and restores skin with correct pH which has a direct impact on the skin preserving its condition for longer.

Face essence

The most surprising among cosmetics are Asian cosmetics for face care and among those, the king is face essence. You shouldn’t mistake it for face serum though its formula is equally infused with nutrients. However, the essence formula is oily and has less intense action. The task of essence is to restore the skin with its natural ability to regenerate and to reinforce the cell renewal.