Face Serums – Worth the Hype?

A moisturizer is a skin-care essential but it sometimes proves insufficient. Our skin often needs a stronger boost and this is when a face serum enters the game. Creams fail to fix the skin that cries for hydration or lacks radiance.

What does a face serum do?

Until recently serums made us think only about antiaging products. However, skin, no matter the age, needs special care. Active ingredients in creams and serums are usually the same but their concentration is higher in a serum. In other words, serum has a stronger effect on the skin. Note, though, that it can’t replace your moisturizer! They should work together for intensified effect.

Serum is mostly made out of vitamins, oils, plant and flower extracts. It resembles a lightweight oil, emulsion, cream or gel. Serums usually come in small, glass bottles with a pump or dropper. The application is sheer pleasure.

How to use face serums?

Serum has been created to enrich our daily skin care. If you use it under a moisturizer, ideally choose an oil-serum which delivers the essential fatty acids to the skin. This way you strengthen the lipid mantle of the skin – the shield will improve the sebum glands and hydration so the skin can bounce back easily. In turn the imperfections and oily skin are gone while you can show off a flawless, radiant face.

If you apply serum under a face oil, then a cream or gel-like serum makes the best pick. The skin needs humectants – moisturizing substances included in gel and emulsion-like products. Emollients are essential too. Oils are examples of emollients that prevent dryness. The balance between humectants and emollients is extremely important. That is why you can’t use the serum solo because this leads to extremely dry skin.

Your skin care should be varied just like your diet. Use different substances so that they can complement each other.

When to use a face serum?

Use it in special cases when your skin problems persist. Serum doesn’t have to be used all year round. When you see your skin is very dry, dull and tired-looking, reach for it every day.

As far as the application goes, there are two ways to choose from: use it both AM and PM or only before sleep. Actually the skin is the most absorbent at night. After cleansing, smooth a few drops of the serum across the face, neck and chest. After a couple of minutes, apply a moisturizer – the serum is going to facilitate the absorption.

If your skin is very tricky, use serum in the morning and evening. Be careful because you can easily overuse it: the skin will get used to the large dose of vitamins fast so the effect will start to wear off.

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