Black Pearls are trendy not only on the neck. Nero Sublime face cosmetic series by Collistar

The Italian company Collistar is one of the best-selling brands on the world market. It meets the expectations of women as it is foolproof and surprises with innovational ideas.Recently the amazing Nero Sublime series has been launched on the market.The series constists of innovational cosmetcis made from hydrolized black pearl extract (hydrolysate enables easier blend of preparations with natural substances contained in the skin).

The wonderful three products are skin care creams for your face, namely a day cream, night cream, face mask and a concentrated serum.
Surprising and tempting at the same time is their black colour.

But,the first place goes to the Nero Sublime cream, which stands a chance of becoming a cult cosmetic and product of the year.The black consistency is surprising and promisisng. The cream has therapeutical, detoxificating and lightening effect. Besides the previously mentioned black pearl after hydrolysis to the ingredients of the cream belongs the black orchid extract,that pefrectly takes care of our maternal cells.The cream reduces wrinkles and slows down the ageing processes. It can be applied on all skin types.

The second place goes to the Nero Sublime black serum. It’s pefect for fighting skin ageing processes. It tightens our skin with the help of maternal cells from a white gardenia. The concentrated serum is very effective since it revitalises, brightens your skin and minimalises wrinkles giving your face a younger look.The Nero Sublime black serum blurs small skin imperfections and tightenes your pores.

The Nero Sublime black face mask is like a Mercedes among cosmetics. It’s irreplaceable before an important night out as it regenerates and moisturises your complexion.Apart from mentioned above ingredients, the mask also contains a black clay, which detoxicates skin and the charcoal extract from a bamboo tree that moiusturises and purifies your face.The Nero Sublime black mask is contained in a beuatiful black jar that makes application of the product very easy.The mask can be used in a traditional way – that is putting the mask on clean skin and leaving it for 5- 10 minutes and then washing it off with warm water.

The whole series of cosmetics has a beautiful scent and is extremely tempting due to its unusual black colour. It appears that black pearls not only look amazing on a female body but can take care of it too. I love you Collistar!

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