Face serum. Should you switch up your cream for the serum?

In the category for the most popular cosmetics for face care, serum appears to be on top for months now. We choose it because we believe that the concentrated power of nutrients will take better care of our skin than the cream. Is this a change for the better?

Skincare is about versatile action and the use of cosmetics that are effective but also complement each other’s properties. The two most important cosmetics are cream and face serum.

Face cream vs. face serum

What is the difference between those two cosmetics that are equally popular for daily skincare?

  • Face cream – has a thicker formula and is less concentrated but can effectively ensure skin with hydration and nourishment. Depending on the ingredients, the cream may have all sorts of properties starting from standard skincare, though fortifying the blood vessels, to anti-aging action and rejuvenation.
  • Face serum – it usually has a watery formula and is highly concentrated that is why each drop of the serum contains more nourishing components than the cream. It also reaches deeper skin layers than the cream (coating the skin with protective and conditioning layer). The serum needs to be chosen accordingly to skin needs and problems, e.g. hyaluronic acid for dry skin, vitamin C for hyperpigmentations.

Is serum better than the cream?

When reading those descriptions it’s easy to come to the conclusion that face serum offers more than a cream. The serum is more concentrated, i.e. each drop of it contains more precious ingredients than a portion of cream. This way we use less of the product while delivering our skin with more conditioning ingredients.

Moreover, face serum is a product with precise action as it responds to specific issues such as acne, hyperpigmentations, wrinkles. The cream has way more general use and is mostly used as a protection and does not hit in the specific issue.

Here comes the question.

Can you switch up cream for the serum?

The serum works stronger than the cream but the truth is that both cosmetics fulfill a different task. Therefore, the answer is: no.

The serum function is to condition and revitalize the skin from the inside – reaches deeper skin layers and works on a specific problem. On the other hand, the cream works on the skin surface but its task is also important because it coats the skin with a protective occlusive layer so we do not lose hydration and nutrients.

It’s important!

You should use cream and serum together. Only this way your everyday skincare will be full and comprehensive. Why does this duet work this well?

Serum reaches where the cream cannot and provides skin with revitalization from the inside. Its action is intense and solves most skin problems. At the same time, cream supports the serum so that it can work uninterrupted. The cream makes sure that the delivered nutrients and hydration are locked inside the skin. It creates protective barrier and a shield so that the serum can work better and more effectively.