Small is beautiful! Set of Mini Eyeliners: Marc Jacobs Beauty The High Life

Fashion designers are capable of creating extraordinary cosmetics and they are quite good at it. Marc Jacobs also proved to be pretty talented as a cosmetics designer. For girls who love perfect and beautiful eye make-up, he prepared set of three mini eyeliners – The High Life.

Eye make-up is not only about eyeshadow, mascara, concealer or brows gel. Sometimes you just need one cosmetic… your look and colour of iris will be perfectly highlighted by eyeliner. What is more, it will optically thicken lashes line and make eyes gain elegant frame. If you truly want to try this effect in make-up, then you need to test set of three mini eyeliners from Marc Jacobs Beauty. Weight of each of eyeliners is only 0.01 fl. oz. You can choose out of two sets, and each of them with three cosmetics inside. First, Coveted Color contains products in shades of blue, dark blue and violet (Jazzberry, Navy Noir and Introvert). Second set, Essential Hues consists of cosmetics in shades of black, brown and chocolate (Blacquer, Rococoa i Sunset).

The High Life eyeliners from Marc Jacobs Beauty has gel-cream consistency. Thanks to this texture cosmetics are so easy in application and blend so nicely with eye shadows. With use of small brush you can spread eyeliner to create original eye make-up. Additionally, all products are waterproof and have long durability. That is why, you can with no fear swim in the sea, do sports or take long walks in hot summer days. Eyeliners certainly won’t melt and their colour will be expressive and beautiful.

How should you apply The High Life eyeliners from Marc Jacobs Beauty? Apply cosmetic on upper and lower eyelid, between eyelashes and right below lashes line. With a small soft brush blend cosmetic with eye shadows or just blend its lines. Match shade of cosmetic with colour of your iris. Great idea for the party is too apply eyeliner in contrasting colour to the colour of your eyes.

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