Vitamin C from Nanoil. Get 10-year younger skin!

First signs of ageing, sagging, uneven tone? You don’t have to be bothered by those things any longer – give your complexion to the brightening serum from Nanoil enriched with a substantial portion of vitamin C. You will see how fast and easy it is for you to get flawless complexion. Without doubt, Nanoil Vit. C Face Serum is your shortcut to luscious and 10-year younger skin!

How does vitamin C slow down skin ageing?

Sadly, you can’t stop time. But what you can do is defy the signs of ageing that passing time engraves on skin. Yes, it’s all in your hands! If you’re serious about efficacious skin care – go for the power of vitamin C.

A daily portion of vitamin C served in a form of a face serum will aid you in restoring the lost vigor and lovely look to your face. It’s no other vitamin but C that cosmetologists and beauticians recommend introducing into the daily skin routine. Taking food supplements isn’t enough because little of this vitamin hidden in pills is destined for skin to satisfy its needs. For that reason, supplying vitamin C externally makes such a great idea. Nanoil and its vitamin C face serum have everything that you may possibly need to take good care of your complexion and get radiant skin.

Who is vitamin C good for?

The truth is that everyone should introduce vitamin C to their daily skin regimen. Why is that? Because this nutrient increases levels of collagen in skin and protects it from photo-ageing by boosting SPFs. These qualities make it the perfect cosmetic ingredient even for young skin, so those who have turned 25 can enjoy its benefits too. Reach for vitamin C when:

  • your skin is discoloured and has sun spots.
  • your skin looks tired and ashy.
  • you want to deal with uneven tone and dullness.
  • you expose skin to air pollution, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke.
  • you notice fine lines and loss of suppleness.

Nanoil vitamin C serum. The power of two amazing ingredients

This vegan-friendly face serum doesn’t contain any substances whose presence wouldn’t be justified. This is a brilliant formula made up of just a couple ingredients among which the key ones are:

  • VITAMIN C 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid which is a derivative of pure vitamin C. It preserves all of its properties and delivers the strongest effects of all vitamin C alternatives commonly used in skincare products. Tests showed that 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is safe for all skin types, even for the hyper-reactive, and perfectly able to stimulate collagen synthesis in skin. It evens skin tone, brightens dark spots, reduces wrinkles and shrinks pores.
  • PUNARNAVA ROOT EXTRACT Known to humans from centuries, this potent antioxidant has numerous benefits for skin. It provides damage protection, eliminates free radicals, prevents pigmentation and improves the general appearance of skin.

Nanoil vitamin C face serum. How fast is it to deliver effects?

Here comes some good news: 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid works faster than other forms of vitamin C, and therefore you can expect to get brighter and glowing skin within 7 days! With time, the effects will be even greater because your skin will become:

  • nourished, moisturized and radiant.
  • free from discoloration.
  • even-toned.
  • smooth and resilient.
  • with no traces of fine lines and imperfections.

Original Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum is available in Nanoil e-store: Discover the secret of flawless complexion!

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