How to perform face massage?

Massage in an extremely relaxing activity known for its revitalising, toning up and smoothing effects. Your face skin will be grateful to you for such a good care.

How to perform massage for smoother skin?

Our face skin is prone to wrinkles. They are caused and conserved by our facial expressions and responsible for them are muscles directly beneath our skin. If you want your face to look smooth and younger, then you should perform massage every day while applying cosmetics, make-up removal or cleanse. All you need is five minutes to relax and boost blood circulation in epidermis cells. What kind of massage to choose? There are many techniques, from soft strokes to painful stretching. Yet, the best massage is the one you can execute in the peaceful seclusion of your household with your favourite cosmetics.

How to perform face massage at home?

The best time for massage is evening right after make-up removal. You can perform massage in the morning for an energetic kick, though. Start with warming up some moisturising or anti-ageing cream in your hands. Then with a thumb and a middle finger start massaging your face in circular motion. You should begin at its central area and move outwards and slightly upwards. Don’t forget to massage the skin around the eyes – use for it eye cream. Begin the massage from inner corner of the eye and slowly move through upper eyelid towards external corner of the eye. Move your fingers along the lower eyelid to end the massage on the inner corner of the eye. On the other hand, forehead massage start with pressing the area between brows and slowly moving towards temples.

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