Cosmetic Set from Korres: Almond Cherry Gel Shower and Body Milk

They smell great, perfectly condition skin and look pretty. What is it? Cosmetics from Korres: Gel Shower and Body Milk with scent of sweet almonds and cherry. Try yourself, how these new incredible products work.

Gel shower from Korres consists of moisturising and protective properties. It foams well and cleanses skin and on top of that it preserves proper level of hydration in the deepest layers of skin. It leaves protective layer on the surface of the skin to protect it against free radicals and dryness. Natural ingredients provide nourishment and regeneration. In the composition of Korres gel shower you will find proteins and aloe. However, cosmetic doesn’t consist of: paraffin, mineral oils, PEG, retinol and animal product substances. It is recommended for vegans and vegetarians. Gel shower has natural pH and scent of almond and cherry. Product was dermatologists tested and is fully safe. It contains 250 ml/8.45 fl. oz. of product in one bottle.

Body milk from Korres deeply moisturises skin, which was dry after warm bath or irritated after shave. It contains regenerative and conditioning properties, protects against dry skin, wrinkles and other imperfections. It additionally nourishes and restores skin. It contains sweet almonds oil, aloe and provitamin B5. Formula of cosmetic is free of: mineral oils, paraffin, silicones, parabens, SLES, retinol and animal product. Product consists of natural pH and is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. How should you apply body milk from Korres? Apply it on dry skin right after bath or shower. For cosmetic to administer better and absorb faster, perform peeling prior to application to remove dead skin cells. Body milk from Korres was dermatologists tested and placed in 200 ml/6.76 fl. oz. tube.

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