No cosmetic will survive make-up removal! How to get rid of mascara and foundation?

Make-up removal… Many women forget about it or do it incorrectly. What you need to remember is that imprecisely cleansed skin will not be happy. In a matter of time it will grant you with irritations, blackheads and other imperfections. Check below, how you can remove every type of make-up and preserve healthy skin.

Eye make-up removal: mascara and eyeliner

For make-up removal of eye make-up use delicate emulsion, cleansing milk or bi-phased make-up remover. Skin of eyelids and around the eyes is especially delicate, so during make-up removal be careful not to cause any irritation or lashes loss. Cotton pad should be moist with product for make-up removal, placed on the eyelid and gently pressed against it. When mascara and eye shadows dissolve you can peacefully go to sleep.

Face make-up removal: foundation and blusher

Make-up removal of face make-up start with delicate massage with cleansing foam. This is great way not only to remove some of cosmetics. Skin pores will open, blood pressure will be significantly improved and skin more toned up. Then rinse foam with warm water and get to final skin cleanse. For this step use micellar water or other cosmetic able to remove make-up residues of the face surface. If you apply delicate make-up, for face cleanse use only warm water.

Lips make-up removal: lipstick and lip gloss

Lipsticks and lip glosses have really intense colours and thick consistency. For this reason, those are difficult to remove. Adds up to it gentle and sensitive skin of lips. So, there are two possible solutions. Replace expressive colours with more natural one and cosmetics with heavy formula with lighter one with natural ingredients. The other solution is that you can still use your favourite shades of lipstick. However, for the removal use bi-phased make-up removers. While performing make-up removal do everything as in case of eye make-up removal. Be gentle and careful, so that you do not harm sensitive skin of lips.

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