Winter Home SPA Ideas: Take Care of Your Body & Soul

There are just a few things – like cold winter days – that make you want to get wrapped with a warm blanket and sit in your comfy armchair drinking a cup of hot chocolate. We fully support this way of spending your leisure time, especially if you’re relaxing either with a good book or movie. While you calm your body down, why wouldn’t you help your skin, hair and nails unwind as well?

Luckily, soothing your skin and hair is far from being troublesome. How much effort do you have to put in sitting with a hair or face mask on? Indeed, none. Today we’ll tell you how to arrange a SPA salon at home!

Firstly, the mood…

Remember that apart from the treatment you planned, the mood and ambiance in your room matter as well, provided that your goal is full relaxation. How to achieve that? Light some candles and pour some essential oils into a diffuser. Beautiful aroma would put you in a good mood instantly.

Cleansing matters!

Deep cleansing is essential and determines whether the effects you’re going to achieve with other treatments will be satisfying. That being said – don’t wait! Cleanse your skin and hair. Naturally, thorough makeup removal is also a must. Your next step is a scrub. You can make use of homemade salt or sugar and combine either of them with plant oils or aloe gel.

Now wash your hair and take care of your scalp. Do you know what scalp scrub is? Surely, it’s a good idea to use it once in a while because hair and scalp gather impurities, dead skin cells and cosmetic build-up. Such products are gentle with skin and hair but merciless for impurities. Finally, such products deal well with excessive seborrhea and when applied regularly, they should promote hair growth and make the strands grow thicker.

Relax in wonderfully-smelling foam

Dipping your body in a regular bath is already pleasant and unwinding. Imagine upgrading this with a dash of bubble bath and/or bath salt – this is how you can pamper your body and caress your senses.

To wash your skin, reach for nourishing and smoothing bath milks and oils. Such products take care of and help retain moisture in dry skin, and it’s typical of skin to become dry in the winter.

Are you fed up with regular bath salts? We’ve got you covered! What would you say for using special bath bombs, powders and pearls? They are not only cheap but also help you set up effective bathing and condition your skin. Since one bath bomb is destined for one bath, we suggest buying a few of them, each one smelling differently to vary your bathing time.

Lastly, take advantage of the power of natural substances – this is the finest form of personal care! Reach for peloid, algae and caffeine – especially for preparing DIY body scrubs. Wait with the application till you finish bathing, massage your body with a scrub and rinse thoroughly. This treatment will move the lymph fluids around your body.

Nutrient-rich poultice for hair and skin

So in other words – a good mask. Both the skin and hair need it badly, therefore try using hair and facial masks at least once a week. Make sure that the product you apply is made of quality ingredients and contains only the substances your skin and hair needs.

When it comes to hair, try to find a mask that contains keratin and panthenol. Treat your face with a sheet mask or with a homemade mask of cosmetic clay and (thermal) water. Within a few minutes your complexion will be perfectly smooth and supplied with nutrients, and your hair will be repaired and glossy.

Now, reach for a body balm to soothe and replenish skin with moisture. If you applied a body scrub earlier, you can take it for granted that the nutrients your body balm contains will penetrate skin deeper.

Enjoy your evening!

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