Dancing on a volcano. Warming scrub after training from Origins

The Origins company has prided itself since its beginning in 1990 that its representatives are looking for the most effective plants and herbs to extract effective and priceless ingredients from for our skin care. The company’s misssion is to produce highly effective and natural ingredients but, simultaneously, the firm also wants to care about our planet and its natural resources.

So when we hear about a cosmetic containing such a surprising ingredient as volcanic ash we can be certain that it was made by Origins.

The volcanic ash is a 100 % natural ingredient made from the micoscopic rock fragments and various minerals. It contains, among the others, the mineral compounds such as iron, calcium, magnesium, silicone, sodium and potassium. It perfectly peels off epidermis, revitalises and detoxicates skin.

Warm Down Warming Lava Scrub has a warming effect and that’s why it soothes the muscles after a tiring training. The volcanic ash included in the warming scrub purifies skin effectively and deeply thanks to a perspiration process, that is giving out harmful and unwanted substances in our skin via its pores. The precious ingredients of warming scrub are actived by water.

Then if you lead an active lifestyle, that is you do some exercises, run or live in a very intensive way try out the Warm Down Warming Lava Scrub to help your body fullfil its needs like peeling off dead epidermis, skin detoxication and muscles relaxation. This dance on a volcano won’t be so tiring for you, just the opposite – you’ll feel relaxed and rested and have a well-groomed body. This can feel like a friend’s hug after a very hard, full of new impressions day or a tiring training.

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