TOP 7 Thermal Guards for Hair. The Best Findings HERE

If you heat style your hair infrequently, your tresses shall be perfectly fine. However, if you consider a flat iron as an obligatory element of your morning routine, then—sadly— we may have some bad news for you.

Being aware of the fact that high temperatures kick moisture off the strands—slowly leading to brittleness and splitting—using heat styling on a daily basis appears to be pretty perilous. To minimize the risk that heat styling entails, we suggest reaching for so-called thermal guards for hair. Here is why.

What makes heat protection so important?

Who would have thought that styling tools like a blow dryer or flat iron—which every woman has in her bathroom—may be so disastrous for the hair. What exactly does heat styling do? It causes splitting, breakage, dullness and deformation of keratin bonds located inside the hair. Naturally, this ravage doesn’t take its toll overnight, but the more often you glide the hot flat iron plates along the strands, the quicker they lose moisture. With time, your once full-looking, shiny and strong tresses start resembling straw. Luckily, isolating your hair from the high temperatures is neither costly nor time-consuming. Stop heat styling from lousing your hair up. Check out the products we’ve hand-picked for you below.

Thermal guards for hair

Thermal guards, also known as heat protection products, handle a few tasks among which the most important is the protection of the damage caused by high temps. The best products of this type are also enriched with nutrients and other hair-loving substances to offer even more than just keeping the hair safe as you curl or straighten it. Some of them deliver similar results to regular conditioners, which makes them multi-taskers. If you manage to find the right thermal guard for your hair, you will not only prevent heat damage but also improve the appearance of your mane – isn’t it great?

RANKING: TOP 7 Thermal Guards for Hair



Top quality, stunning effects and a lightweight formula are what the users of Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray love this product for. Containing substances that are considered highly beneficial for hair, the Nanoil spray seems to have no equal among top heat protectors. Silk proteins, vitamin E and polymers create an invisible coating on the hair to block the heat from affecting the shafts in a negative way. With Nanoil spray you can style your strands using 440°F/230°C temperature and still enjoy a beautiful and moisturized style. Suitable for all hair types, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray shields thick, oily, thin and delicate hair. Go to to read about all the benefits of Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray.


Users confirm that after using Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth their hair remains smooth and shiny for the entire day. Formulated with quite unique ingredients such as tree bark, lemon aspen extract and white cypress, this heat protection spray is mostly chosen by professional hair stylists as well as by those who describe themselves as demanding customers. The heat protection offered by this product is high, and therefore you can spray your hair with it prior to heat styling, no matter the tool you plan to use. The formula is also proven to deal with unruly strands, making them easily manageable and glossy. The only drawback that we can think of is the price, which definitely doesn’t suit every pocket.


There are days when we have enough time to let the hair air dry, forgetting for a while about a blow dryer and flat iron. Sadly, such days don’t come often, appearing mostly on weekends when you plan to spend the entire day at home. On other days, however, reaching for a heat protection spray—like Keune Heat Protect Hot Iron Spray—is a must. This highly-rated product seems to be a top-choice of hair-lovers who look for a cosmetic that promotes smoothness and shine. Even though not everyone is willing to pay that much for a heat protector, those who actually can afford it use the spray to shield the hair from 450°F/230°C temperatures. Hair is less prone to brittleness and remains good-looking for long hours.


Are you looking for a spray that will help you repair and moisturize severely damaged and dehydrated hair? We suggest having a go at Alterna Caviar Heat Protection Spray. This one is formulated with large quantities of vitamins that are required by the frazzled hair to get healthier and better-looking. The composition is made up of vitamins A and C that are responsible for protecting the hair from heat damage. Biotin, in turn, fills in the cracks in the shafts. Both vitamins B6 and B12 are responsible for increasing the resistance to external aggressors and boosting shine. Despite having many advantages, Alterna Caviar Heat Protection Spray is a pricey product.


A vastly popular, easy-to-use heat protectant available in top drugstores and high-end hair salons. Infused with panthenol and silk proteins, Balmain Hair Thermal Spray offers strong heat damage protection. You can use it freely if you style the hair with temperatures that aren’t higher than 440°F/220°C. The non-greasy formula coats the strands to trap the moisture and help you tame flyaways. The same coating makes your hair humidity-resistant, which is especially important for those with medium porosity hair. Suitable for color-treated and natural strands, Balmain Hair Thermal Spray is said to always deliver the promised results. And it’s even said to fix the style, helping you look gorgeous for the entire day.


Moroccanoil is one of those brands that doesn’t need any introduction. This world-recognized brand owes its high popularity due to launching very characteristic fair-blue-colored cosmetics and argan oil that each of them contains. The same applies to Protect Spray, of course. Although the formula is lightweight, it may weigh hair down a bit, especially if oily and fine. As for the effects, Moroccanoil Protect Spray delivers high heat damage protection and is able to improve the appearance of thick hair. Apart from the already-mentioned argan oil, this top-quality heat protection spray is also enriched with provitamin B5 responsible for promoting smoothness and shine. Moroccanoil Protect Spray sells best in the sunniest corners of the world, where ladies need sun protection for their lovely locks.


While talking about sun protection for hair, you may be interested in this quite amazing heat protection spray. If you don’t want to dehydrate your strands while sunbathing, give Strivectin heat protection spray a go. This product will help you prevent the haircolor from fading and losing vibrancy. Interestingly, it’s even able to maintain the blonde hair so it doesn’t turn yellowish after being exposed to too strong sun for too long. Made from so-called Multi-Shield Antioxidant Complex, this UV Protective Spray for hair fights off free radicals, thus reducing the risk of oxidative stress. It’s also worth mentioning that Strivectin maintains keratin and hydration levels in hair, keeping your strands silky and smooth.