Eyelash Serum Bodetko Lash – Review based on facts

There are as many opinions as people when it comes to eyelash serums, among which we will find Bodetko Lash. I am one of those women for whom Mother Nature wasn’t very generous when it comes to beautiful and long lashes. Now I am forced to try various experiments and Bodetko Lash is yet another eyelash serum I test. I don’t like all those quasi reviews, so I invite you to read the one honest and based on facts review of Bodetko Lash.

Bodetko Lash is an eyelash serum with elegant packaging resembling liquid eyeliner. Applicator in this serum is of standard type (believe me, I tested many of serums), i.e. thin brush adjusted for application on eyelash line. There is no surprise here, that application didn’t cause any problems. If you can use eyeliner without sticking it to an eye then you are qualified to apply any of serums available on the market. If you think about it, it is even easier than use of eyeliner, because eyelash serum is colourless, so you don’t have to worry about uneven line.

Bodetko Lash, before 2014 was available with Bimatoprostem in a composition. It is an ingredient of medication on glaucoma, which one of effects of use is eyelash growth. Currently, Bodetko Lash can be bought with changed composition, where on fourth position we will find derivative of this ingredient (Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide). If I would know that it is almost the same active ingredient then I probably wouldn’t buy Bodetko Lash and look for something else. Fortunately, my eyes weren’t irritated, and because I was careful with application, it allowed me to avoid any side effects.

As for the results – those are not as exceptional as one can think. I expected some better effects from serum in this price range. Nanolash, which I used about half year ago is in a similar price (when you buy few of them at once you can get it for a lower price), and effects were much better. I suspect that if some more serums will disappoint me the way Bodetko Lash did then I will probably go back to Nanolash and I will use it regularly to sustain results.

I will sum it up shortly. For the price of Bodetko Lash I wouldn’t buy it again. It looks very elegant, application is very pleasurable and easy, but there is a risk of eye irritation because of glaucoma medication ingredient camouflaged in the serum. And don’t get me started on the effectiveness, because my lashes haven’t changed at all in 3 months of Bodetko Lash use; lashes aren’t even a bit longer. What a shame. It all seemed to appear very well at the beginning!

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