6 tips about how to look good with no make-up

Natural look is the newest trend and soft make-up (make-up ”no make-up”) gets more popular with every day. We want to look more fresh without putting on unnecessary layers of beauty products, and there are few reasons for it like a fact that it takes too much time or that it is too expensive and what is more, very often brings result very different from the one we had in mind. That is why we want to answer the most important question there is: how to look good without make-up in just couple of minutes?

First of all, remove all the unwanted facial hair. You should remember that epilation and the alignment of eyebrows can significantly improve general look of your eyes and give them lovely frame. Let’s take care of that unwanted moustache and cheeks’ hair. You can use pair of tweezers or the facial wax. Second of all, you need to stimulate blood circulation. We all know that bright skin is every woman’s best friend and you can achieve it with a simple colour improving procedure that is simulation of the blood circulation. To do that you just have to gently and carefully pat your face with plams of your hands. Patting will improve your blood circulation and your skin will gain some healthy blush.

Third thing to remember is that because dry skin never looks good you should use some mild cream for its best care and hydration. Applying some cream on your face can improve its appearance. However, you should remember for the cream not to be too greasy and heavy, because then the skin will have that unhealthy shine. If you decide to give up on make-up, remember to apply some delicate moisturising product. Fourthly, take a good care of your lips. You should dedicate at least few minutes to your lips every day, because if they are chapped, you will never look as charming as you’d wish to. Perform quick lip peeling (e.g. sugar) and apply some nourishing balm or vaseline. Your skin will be delicate and gain velvet glow.

Fifthly, to illuminate your eyes it is important to hide those shadows under the eyes, which usually appear on your face every morning. You can hide them by lighting up a bit an eye area. And all of that without highlighter of course! It is best to use for it some cream with illuminating particles. Sixthly, highlight your eyes; it is as important as highlighting your skin. How to do that without make-up cosmetics? You have to take care of your eyelashes and the best way to do that is by curling them up with eyelash curler. To give them this healthy glow you should also apply some nourishing oil or vaseline – they will seem thicker and healthier.

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