Just right under foundation! Moisturising Dermedic Hydrain3 Cream

Summer is just around the corner. Probably every girl could use some good moisturising cream, which would also be perfect as a base for the foundation. Have you tried Dermedic – Hydrain3 yet? If not, then it’s not too late. Cosmetic just appeared in shops and pharmacies, and before summer’s end you’ll certainly use up an entire jar.

Moisturising cream Hydrain3 from Dermedic is dedicated for conditioning of all skin types. It is particularly recommended for people who have acne skin or are in the middle of dermatological treatment. Product contains many beneficial ingredients, which improve skin condition of face. Among many, we can enumerate: thermal spring water, hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerine, squalene and vitamin E. Those substances are expected to have deep moisturising, toning up and smoothing properties. Cosmetic preserves right level of hydration, prevents water loss and dryness. It additionally strengthens and regenerates epidermis. Freshness sensation lasts up to 48 hours after application of cream. Product doesn’t clog pores or cause blackheads.

How should you use moisturising cream Hydrain3 from Dermedic? Product has light, non-greasy, gel-cream consistency. It does not leave greasy of sticky layer on face. Right after application it absorbs and almost immediately starts to work. Before application of cosmetic, you have to cleanse skin of the excess sebum and perform make-up removal. Cream Hydrain3 from Dermedic should be applied on skin of face, neck and cleavage, and left to dry. It will be perfect as a make-up base or a base cream for sun filter. Product has light blue colour, pleasant scent and is placed in a 50g jar.

In the Hydrain3 line from Dermedic you can find also some other moisturising cosmetics. Those are: cream with sun filter SPF 15, hydrating anti-wrinkle day and night creams. Which one will you choose?

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