Would you like to buy argan oil? Remember about…

Most women are familiar with argan oil and use it daily. Why? Perhaps because of the fact that it provides amazing healing and nurturing properties. This cosmetic perfectly cares for hair, skin and nails; improves their condition and appearance. However, before you try it out, learn more about issues connected with the extraction, production costs and the differences between the oil used in the kitchen and the original and very precious liquid.

Argan oil is a luxurious product. 

Do you know that the tree, from which argan oil is obtained – Argania spinosa L. – grows exclusively in Morocco? What is more, this tree has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The process of extraction is very long and difficult. In order to produce 1 litre of oil, you need over 35 kilograms of nuts, collected from the trees. Moreover, argan oil is cold pressed while the nuts are cracked manually. Next, soft nuts are ground in a stone mill, and oil is squeezed out from thus formed mass.

Cosmetic oil vs. edible oil.

Cosmetic argan oil is to be used in cosmetology and dermatology. It is obtained in the process of cold pressing; it is not refined. Its of golden colour and fragrance free. As an addition to other products or a cosmetic on its own, is used mainly externally. Cosmetic argan oil is perfect for moisturising your skin and hair, brightening pigmentation, strengthening nails and reducing fine lines.

Edible argan oil is obtained from roasted fruit of Argania spinosa. It has a characteristic nutty scent and taste. What is more, it is darker then the cosmetic equivalent. This oil can be used as an ingredient of salads, dips, cooking, frying and grilling. It can be a diet supplement – argan oil contain fatty acids.

How to buy original argan oil?

Argan oil is a widely available product; it can be bought in drugstores, online and other shops with cosmetics. Unfortunately, many merchandisers do not offer the original product with healing and beautifying properties. If your oil is to be used on face and body and has a nutty scent, it is probably an edible product, sold as a cosmetic.  Remember that cosmetic argan oil is subjected to purification, hence the higher price. If you apply it as a spot treatment, it will definitely help to overcome skin problems.

Does the price determine the value? Argan oil is one of the most expensive cosmetic oils. Remember that for 100 ml of the product, you will pay a lot of money. On the other hand, this cosmetic is very popular and willingly bought by many women. The manufacturers had to adjust the prices to the supply. Higher price does not have to be equal to the quality. Additionally, take into consideration the fact that cosmetic oil should cost more than the one used in the kitchen. How to distinguish original oil for a fake one? Simple, the label must contain notice certifying that the product is ecological.

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