The ocen closed in a bottle – The Lifting Eye Serum by La Mer

The La Mer company is well-known and liked in the world. Its cosmsetics are thought to be cult so women are ready to pay a lot for a jar of La Mer cream. The La Mer brand means for women the same what a Rolls-Royce make for men. It’s perfect. No wonder then, that every La Mer product launched on the market arouses such emotions among women.

This year La Mer has created the lifting eye serum which impressed everyone who tried it. The Lifting Eye Serum by La Mer contains the red sea algae extract (which thanks to a unigue fermentation process has very strong effects on skin) and the wonderful lifting complex Stretch Matrix Complex which creates an elastic but firm net around the eyes filling in collagen losses and lifting skin up.

Uplifting ferment , which was designed for delicate but demanding skin around the eyes, helps to improve skin’s natural protective barrier. A combination of several kinds of sea algae contributes to additinal production of elastine and spectacular skin rejuvenation. Stimulation of natural cell activity is one of the most important tasks of skin care cosmetics.La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum includes the cult elixir Miracle Boh, which cares about skin cells aroud the eyes and visibly lifts them up.

Provided with the product chilling applicator ( that is an elastic bothsided spatula) improves microcirculation so that the serum is easily absorbed and its ingredients have more intense results. Beneficial effects of the serum can be visible upon its first application and with the course of time they are even stronger giving you spectacular results.

The Lifting Eye Serum is packed into a beautiful dark green bottle thus resembling the natural colour of sea algae.
La Mar is good value for money. The science achievements of this brand (that is of dr Maxa Hubera) can really do wonders. La Mer creams cannot be copied. The fermentation process of sea algae and other natural ingredients, which are exposed to sunlight energy and sound waves, gives them their unigue and exceptionally strong effects. It’s like diving into the deep ocean

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