So gentle yet so powerful – Linseed Oil in Hair Care

By choosing natural oils for hair care we tend to pick those with exotic names or the one we do not associate with the kitchen. In the meantime, good quality oil can be closer than you think.

Linseed oil – because it is what we talk about – is very common oil, which is often and very willingly used in cooking. The addition of it is remarkable if you want to preserve healthy organism. It consists of best balanced polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 and in terms of health it is compared to the Norwegian cod liver oil.

Right level of fatty acids is a key to healthy and beautiful appearance. For this reason linseed oil is a great choice for hair and scalp care.

Linseed oil belongs to oils with large size particles. It is perfect for high porosity hair i.e. extremely damaged, dry, prone to frizz and brittleness. Everyone with healthy hair will also love this oil, because it can take care of hair ends.

Linseed oil contains over 50% of EFA, in particular omega-6. These are necessary not only for right functioning of the organism, but also take care of hair and especially dry hair. They improve all the processes occurring in the cells of the hair and scalp. In a very effective way they provide elasticity to cell membrane and does not allow water loss from the hair structure.

Linseed oil consists of also very “feminine” vegetable compounds, called lignans. They contribute to the proper functioning of hormones. For hair care it will also be important because incorrect functioning of hormones may contribute to the overproduction of sebum on the scalp. Linseed oil is governed by this process and thus prevents excessive oily hair.

This is not the end of valuable properties of this oil, after all it contains exceptionally large amount of vitamin E. This inconspicuous vitamin was in a way created specially in order to provide regeneration and nourishment to hair. It is called youth vitamin, because of its benign influence on skin and hair. The deficit of this vitamin results with slowing down hair growth, hair loss and general, unfavourable appearance of hair (matte, rough and difficult in maintenance).

On top of that, linseed oil is quite affordable and generally available.

It is worth to try it on your own hair, because even if it wouldn’t work out you can always use it in the kitchen.

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