Smooth and beautiful face? Try Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

Hyaluronic acid is often used in aesthetic medicine. It indicates useful properties in filling the tissue deficits and wrinkles, but also moisturises, tones up, regenerates and improves face shape. It happens to be used as an ingredient of many cosmetics. Hyaluronic acid is being injected in the areas where wrinkles and discolourations appear. Every treatment should be performed by plastic surgeon or experienced dermatologist. Whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and is almost entirely painless, because it is executed with use of anaesthetic gel. The task of injected hyaluronic acid is to complement water level in skin cells, tightening of tissue and smoother of wrinkles or removal of imperfections. Sadly, such procedures have to be repeated up to three times a year, because hyaluronic acid is being absorbed by the organism really fast.

Which parts of the face can you subject to injections with hyaluronic acid? Those can be areas of eyes, lips, breasts and nose. Area near temples is where wrinkles appear the fastest. Treatments with use of hyaluronic acid allow smoother to this area of face and makes you look more well rested and younger. Correction should be performed by experienced doctor; in the area of temples are placed arteries. The damage to them could result with some serious complications.

Vale of tears can also be conditioned with hyaluronic acid. It is about 0.39 in section of skin from the inner eye corner to more or less half of the lower eyelid. During the procedure you have to be careful, because in this area blood vessels are right underneath the skin. Complication can lead to swelling, lumps or even blindness. Hyaluronic acid injected in the vale of tears makes dark circles as well as the puffiness caused by fatigue or diseases less visible, camouflages lack of tone up of lower eyelid.

Area of nose is yet another part of face, which can be treated with hyaluronic acid. Such treatment is performed when patient suffers from congenital absence of symmetry or after unsuccessful surgical procedure. Unfortunately, serious defects of the nose, like curvature resulting from fractures, do not qualify for injections with hyaluronic acid. In any other case, the treatment provides long lasting and satisfactory results.

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