New Make-up Trend! See What an Eye Contouring Is

We all know what a face contouring or a cleavage contouring is. But have you met newest trend in make-up? We are talking about eye contouring, in other words optical change of eyes’ shape. Thanks to use of proper brands and products we can make eyes bigger or cover shortcomings of the face, like hooded eyelids.

Eye contouring focuses on not only making eyes bigger. With help of proper cosmetics and tricks you can also make eyebrows correction, cover dark circles around the eyes or crow’s feet. Attaching fake lashes can also totally alter eyes look. For eye contouring best will be cosmetics in natural shades, matching skin complexion. Perfect will be shades of nude, grey and brown. Remember that with those products we contour face, not make strong make-up. Where to start contouring?

One of the most important steps in eye contouring is highlight of lashes line. We will use for it warm shade of brown or black, which we will next blend with soft brush. This trick will make lashes seem thicker and darker. Many women complain about hooded eyelids, i.e. a large fold of skin above the eyes. Fortunately, there are simple ways to optically make eyes bigger and “extract” them from underneath the eyelids. Among make-up artists this technique is called chiaroscuro. We mark inner corner of the eye with light eyeshadow, however external corner we mark with a darker colour. This way we will get soft smokey eye make-up.

Eye contouring is also about optical change of eyebrows shape. Under the browridge apply light eyeshadow or a concealer. Cosmetic should be one or two tones lighter than the skin complexion. You shouldn’t use pearl or whitish products, which reflect light. Remember also that cosmetic used for eyebrow contouring should be blend with foundation, concealer or eye shadows.

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