Newest Mascara Pupa Vamp! Extreme

I got newest mascara from Pupa Milano as my Christmas present from my husband. He probably was tempted by the mascara’s name and wanted to make me a Vamp. :) The other day, I got to Vamp! Extreme test, because it was about time to replace my old mascara with the new one. Is Vamp! Extreme worth its price? How does Pupa mascara work for my lashes?

Basic informations:

This mascara can be bought for a little over ten pounds. Product is placed in an aesthetic, elegant, metal packaging with a mirror structure. For Vamp! Extreme application is designed silicon and quite elastic brush (medium size). The product itself has very creamy formula with intense black colour.

Manufacturers description:

Pupa Milano describes its mascara as the best way for gaining extremal volume, without lumps, clumping the lashes or flaking. Vamp! Extreme should perfectly stay on lashes and give immediate volume effect. Concentrated, highly pigmented and at the same time light formula is supposed to provide long lasting thickening, ensure lashes with definition and optically emphasise eye. Is all of that true?


The style of Vamp woman is about sexy and seductive look, at the very least I have such an idea of it. So I expected from Pupa Vamp! Extreme an incredible eyes outline. And I got what I wanted, because after one layer my husband couldn’t take his eyes of my face. :)

The application itself is very pleasant. I like silicon brushes very much, so there wasn’t any surprise for me. Applicator is very nicely cambered, so reaching even smallest lashes isn’t a problem. Besides, Vamp! Extreme creamy formula also greatly eases application.

Surprising benefit is multidimensional thickening of the lashes, which can be easily achieved. Firstly, very intense black colour optically thickening lashes. Secondly, gel formula covers lashes, adds volume and slightly increases length. My lashes are long by nature, so the effect was even more amazing.

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