Why does one need to have the eyebrows?

Almost the whole human body is covered with hair. Of course, it’s of different length, colour and shape. Hair grows on our heads, eyes and eyebrows. The eyelashes protect and beautify our eyes but eyebrows have a different task. Check out why one needs to have eyebrows?

An eyebrow is an arch-shaped knob on one’s forehead just above an eyehole. It’s covered with tiny hair, which differ from each other depending on our sex, camplexion and origin.The eyebrows have a protective function. They safeguard eyes from sweat, rain water or, in case of head injuries, blood going into one’s eyes. They also play another important role for humans – they help us to express emotions. All of us know what it can mean if one ‘s eybrow is lifted high or pulled inwards. But, what about those people who have had a double Botox injection and can’t move their eyebrows. How are we supposed to talk with them?

If we wish our eyebrows to fullfil their functions, we should take care of them in an appropriate way. We must be careful not to pluck out to many hairs. Firstly, thin and too much curved eyebrow will simply look unaesthetic. Natural, well-groomed but prominent eyebrows are on this season. Having thin eyebrows won’t be practical in terms of sweat and water stoppage. Sweat and water going into our eyes can cause their irritation and force us to their constant wiping. So, what to do to have more beautiful eyes area? Lately the eyebrows make-up has become extremely popular. It’s idea is to mark and shape an eyebrow contour and cover any losses. There are special pencils and shadows to achieve it. Eyebrow hair is set with the use of transparent gel or mascara. But what if you don’t want to do a make-up every day? Then the aesthetic medicine and permamnet make-up treatment may come to rescue. It’s idea is to inject into the skin a special pigment that imitates human hair. Essential oils may also be helpful here. Eyebrows growth and better condition can be stimulated by castor or argan oil. Thanks to them our eyebrows will be beautiful and healthy and we will have a lovely and natural eyeframe

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