Make-up brushes – How should you blend eye shadows?

Make-up accessories are a ‘must have’ in cosmetic bag of every girl who cares about pretty and trendy look. Eyelash curler, eyelashes combo brush, tweezers are just some of gadgets necessary for make-up. You will need also brushes. Which brushes are best for blend of eye shadows?

Brushes with natural or synthetic bristle? Made of synthetic or natural materials? Those are questions asked by girls who want to buy new make-up brushes. Which accessories for make-up you choose depends on what you like, how much you can spend on them and what type of skin you have. Which brushes will be best for eye make-up? The most popular are: MAC 217, Zoeva 227 and 228, and Hakuro 74.

Blending brush MAC217 is a favourite of many women. It has perfect shape and bristle, just made for eye make-up. It can be helpful with rubbing shades and blending them together. It will perfectly hide the edge between shades and blend them with eyeliner or soft eye pencil. Bristle can deform only after a year of everyday use.

Zoeva 227 and 228 brushes are made of natural materials, which are degradable. Brush number 227 from Zoeva has short bristle, so is great for rubbing thick layers of applied eye shadow. Cosmetics will combine and you get rid of the expressive line between colours. This brush is slightly rounded and its bristle is soft. Second gadget from Zoeva, number 228, resembles a fan. It can easily blend eyeshadow on the crease. This accessory is perfect for gradation of colours and surely come handy in smoky eye or ombre make-up.

Hakuro 74 brush is recommended for beginners. Bristle is a bit flat to make easier rubbing of shade in the crease. It equally great apply cosmetic along the lashes line. Although, it does not have soft bristle, it rubs and blends eye shadow very well.

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