Lashcode mascara – makeup full of precision, look full of beauty

Lashcode is a mascara that provides everything you look for in makeup. Long, separated, thicker and curled lashes coated with deep black pigments of the highest quality. But that’s not all, Lashode has a lot more to offer! What makes it such a unique and incredible cosmetic? How does it differ from other mascaras? Discover the secret of a superb formula! 

Lashcode mascara – precision in makeup 

High-quality, ergonomic and precise mascara wand is one of the most important elements determining the quality of makeup. It allows us to apply the cosmetic quickly and accurately. Lashcode comes with an elliptical silicone brush with thick bristles, tapering at the ends. It separates eyelashes precisely and grabs even the smallest hairs, evenly spreading the mascara on each of them – this ensures the effect of eyelash multiplication and enhanced density of the entire lash line. The wand adapts to any eye shape, gains the right amount of product and allows you to gradually intensify the coverage. Thanks to this feature, Lashcode provides a different effect in eyelash makeup according to the occasion – from a subtle, daily makeup, to a spectacular, stunning evening look.

Lashcode mascara – attention to the appearance and health of your eyelashes 

The product formula has been enriched with various lash-conditioning ingredients. This way, your lashes gain protection from damage due to adverse weather conditions. High-class natural substances contribute to impeccable condition and stunning looks of your lashes, enhancing them day by day. The composition consists of:

  • soy germ extract – prevents the destruction, loss, and aging of lashes, and stimulates their growth.
  • wheat germ extract – is a strongly regenerating ingredient that nourishes and smoothes the structure of eyelashes, improving elasticity
  • Baikal skullcap (extract from the root of Scutellaria baicalensis, sometimes referred to as baicalein) – a valuable source of flavonoids, which inhibit the aging process, has a direct impact on improving the condition and appearance of lashes; protects them by creating a microscopic film on their surface and prevents them from damage,
  • arginine – a valuable natural amino acid, which moisturizes eyelashes, protecting against weakening and drying; stimulates the growth of eyelashes and prevents them from falling out, strengthening the follicles and helping other components of the cosmetic penetrate deeply into the lash structure
  • Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals, improves eyelash elasticity and is responsible for the proper lash growth
  • panthenol (also known as vitamin B5, pantothenic acid) – builds and strengthens the eyelash stem, plays the key role in the process of cell division of lashes.

Lashcode mascara – velvety black, eye-catching lashes 

The pigments responsible for the color of the product and its saturation are very important. Lashcode will not disappoint in this field either. In its composition, we can find a mineral pigment – the highest class, ultra-black, an all-natural substance that coats and at the same time nurtures every lash. Thanks to the composition of the highest quality ingredients, the makeup looks great in any lighting, and eyelashes delight with deep, saturated black color.

The formula of the mascara is perfectly composed, thanks to which the mascara does not flake off the eyelashes, does not smudge nor it gets clumpy even after many hours. The product ensures perfect image throughout the day and in all climatic conditions. Wearing it on your eyelashes, you can be sure of their impeccable look and beautiful deep color all day long.

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17 Comments “Lashcode mascara – makeup full of precision, look full of beauty”

  1. Layla21

    Love this mascara

  2. Skyler

    really promising mascara

  3. Tokyoo

    So far I haven’t come across any negative opinions on this mascara. I feel like testing it :)

  4. queenE

    I used it as well and we really get along :D

  5. Jen78

    My lashes are pretty dense so I usually have problems with poor separation and clumps. It’s not the case with this mascara :) great brush :)

  6. Sussie

    separates lashes nicely, that’s true

  7. MrsLo

    I’ve got a few mascaras in stock but I feel I must try thsi one immediately :D

  8. emily42

    It’s fine for me, not superb though. Gives nice extension, volume, the brush is ok but still, it’s not my favorite

  9. Mona

    Gorgeous look! Recommend it! hands down worth the price :)

  10. PatiG

    My lashes love, love, love this mascara <3

  11. Rachel

    I already have a favorite mascara but this one is surely worth a look, really promising :)

  12. Wild_Rose

    Order placed! Now I’m lookig forward to delivery :)

  13. Rossy

    I also tried it and realy like the look it gives. I’m sure I’ll get another tube of Lashcode

  14. L&Dee

    My ideal :) definitely the most reliable product I’ve had.

  15. Tina27

    Impressive ingredients

  16. Larry

    Lashcode’s really amazing!

  17. Berta21

    Fancy and solid packaging :) I’m curious of the effects.


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