How to clean Beauty Blender?

Beauty Blender sponges are extremely popular lately, and it appears that they found their place in women’s cosmetic bags for good. They’re handy, delicate for skin and most of all, application of liquid and cream cosmetics is much easier with them. The most questions arise on the matter of how to clean Beauty Blender – how should you do that, so the sponge would be utterly clean?

The most important rule in cleanse of make-up sponges (similarly to brushes) is rule 25 – regularity and preciseness. Beauty Blender should be cleaned right after each use. You shouldn’t leave Beauty Blender messed with cosmetics, because it can lead to bacteria development and make-up will become unhygienic.

Beauty Blender should be cleansed a bit different than brush, because it is easier to remove foundation of the brush. Product, which will soak into the sponge is harder to get rid of, but you have to remember that it is not impossible. All make-up artists recommend two phase cleanse. They encourage you to clean your Beauty Blender with as much of diligence as you clean your face everyday. Only then sponge will last longer an will be in better shape.

Price of Beauty Blender can also convince us to use two phase cleanse – first wash it with delicate washing product, and then implement additional cleanse with vegetable oil. System of two phases provides more careful cleanse of Beauty Blender, and as a consequence more hygienic make-up.

  1. First phase is an initial cleanse of Beauty Blender. You should think about what to use to clean Beauty Blender. It can be delicate and natural liquid soap, e.g. Protex, but it is highly recommended to clean Beauty Blender with Blender Cleanser liquid. It all depends on the budget. Soap foams and is absorbed into the sponge and removes all impurities. If you want to use original cleanser for Beauty Blender then you have to soak it in the liquid for about 15 minutes.
  2. Second phase is another cleanse. Manufacturer recommends to use original cleansing product of the brand, i.e. Blender Cleanser Solid, which consists of soy and lavender extract. Soap takes care of Beauty Blender fibres and has antibacterial properties. However, it can easily be replaced with your favourite vegetable oil, which you use for, e.g. face cleanse. Oil will have the same cleansing properties on Beauty Blender.

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