How should you take care of skin in every age?

Dry, with discolourations or wrinkles? If your skin does not handle passing time well, help it. Use right cosmetics and act prophylactically. After all, prevention is better than cure. How should you choose right skin care for your skin condition?

Skin care when you are twenty

For proper skin condition of a twenty year old takes oestrogen. In this age its level is the highest. That is why skin of young girls is so smooth and elastic, regenerates fast and has no signs of fatigue. Oestrogen is responsible for production of collagen and elastin. It seems that young skin does not need any additional conditioning and protection. However, you should use some moisturising products or such with sun filters. Handy can come antioxidant cosmetics. This way you will provide skin with protection against free radicals and premature ageing.

Skin car when you are thirty and forty

At age of 30 and 40 skin starts to experience first signs of wrinkles and discolourations. Skin is dry, level of water in epidermis decreases, sebaceous glands produce less sebum and skin loses lipids. Skin complexion is worsening, appear irritations and face covers with laughter lines. To deal with those skin problems try cosmetics with antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Helpful may be products with sun filters, vitamin E and C and peptides. Hydrate skin on the inside by drinking about 0.22 gal/1 l of water a day or by eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

Skin care when you are fifty

For skin care of a fifty year old helpful are cosmetics with active substances. Try products with antioxidants, retinoids, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Use creams, face masks and preparations with sun filters. Thanks to them, your skin will regain young appearance. Wrinkles will smoother, discolouration lighten, skin thickness will improve and collagen fibres strengthen. In preservation of young and beautiful look will help you peelings. Those will exfoliate dead skin cells, boost blood circulation, firm skin, accelerate cell renewal and remove all impurities.

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