FEG lash strengthening serum

More and more women decide to use lash enhancers that are the alternative to lash extensions. Are products like FEG serum really able to increase lash growth? Let’s check it out.

The number of lashes as well as their length and thickness is different for every person. The information regarding their appearance is stored in our genes, however, without proper care, they are weaker and look worse. There are numerous factors that have an influence on their condition, those include: the quality of your mascara, make-up removal, diseases, hormonal balance, weather, etc. 

Lash appearance can be improved by regular use of beautifying products. Popular lash serums are a great means to achieve it because they usually work on the source of the problem (weak bulbs) and take care of their health and condition in the long run. 

How does FEG serum work?

FEG lash serum is a product of a specially-designed formula that is aimed to nourish, strengthen and improve the lash condition. Thanks to the selection of natural components, it treats lashes in a multidimensional way. Each of the ingredients makes a small brick in the lash regeneration process. The serum combines:

– cucumber extract – alleviating inflammation, 

– anti-edema pomegranate extract, 

– antioxidant green tea extract, 

– rebuilding pumpkin seed extract, 

– anti-ageing vitamin A, 

– strengthening vitamin B12.

Does the fact that FEG serum is composed of so many extracts and vitamins has a significant influence on the effects? The truth is that it all depends on the condition of your lashes and their needs. More does not always men more. In lash care, minimalism plays a significant part. Why? Mainly because lashes are small hair that is easy to overburden. A balanced treatment is very important. Nevertheless, there is a number of people who achieved the desired results and were able to improve lash growth with FEG serum. 

How to use FEG serum?

The effects are affected not only by the number of ingredients and their quality but also the way of application. If you use the product on a regular basis, apply it with special care, you can count on better results. FEG serum ought to be applied every evening before bedtime after a thorough make-up removal.