How to get rid of hyperpigmentations?

Do you have hyperpigmentations? It’s a problem for many women but hardly anyone knows how to handle it. Here’s a brief manual on how to brighten the skin and make sure it has even tone. Discover our methods for hyperpigmentations.

The color of our skin depends on how much pigment called melanin is produced by the organism. Its amount depends on numerous factors such as genes, hormones, sun exposure. It not only provides skin with its color, but it also protects it against the sun by absorbing the harmful UV rays. Normally the pigment is evenly spread in the skin but it happens that the pigmentation is disrupted and hyperpigmentations create. What is causing them?

Hyperpigmentations. What’s causing them?

  • Unfavorable hormonal changes.
  • Some diseases, e.g. hyperthyroidism.
  • Excess exposition to the sun rays.
  • Lack of sun protection.
  • Acne and different types of skin inflammation.
  • Exposition to the sun after beauty treatments.
  • The photosensitizers, e.g. St John’s wort.

Those are just some causes of hyperpigmentations that can appear. You need to remember that those are not the only causes so you should keep a close eye on your skin and the possibilities for hyperpigmentations to pop up.

What are the methods for hyperpigmentations?

The easiest way to not have hyperpigmentations is to prevent them! This issue can be avoided by, for example, using UV protection and paying close attention to the cosmetics you apply to your skin (especially in the summer). However, if it happens that you observe hyperpigmentations on your skin, you should have tools that can help you get rid of them. What can help you?

  1. Face serum with vitamin C – in the ‘best methods for hyperpigmentations’ category wins face serum with a high concentration of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is famous for its brightening properties and when used on skin it nourishes, revitalizes, boosts natural glow, and makes skin tone even. It has antioxidant action so it helps the skin preserve its young appearance.
  2. Gentle enzymatic exfoliator – a very effective way for hyperpigmentations is an exfoliator, but an even better choice is to go for a gentle enzymatic exfoliator. A high-quality enzymatic exfoliator speeds up epidermis exfoliation but without the irritation triggering particles. It’s a gentler and more effective method to smooth the skin and get rid of the hyperpigmentations. It’s a perfect complementation of brightening treatment with vitamin C.
  3. Cucumber mask – for minor light hyperpigmentations, you can use at-home methods to brighten them. You can use a solution such as a cucumber mask which is quite popular as a homemade cosmetic. You can prepare it by grating fresh cucumber, adding some lemon juice, and apply it on a regular basis on the face, for example, every 2 days and leave it for 15 minutes.
  4. Baking soda mask – the more controversial at-home method for hyperpigmentations is to brighten them with baking soda. Why controversial? Because if used too often and in an incorrect manner, it can cause skin irritations. However, if you are willing to give it a chance, you can simply mix water with baking soda and apply this paste to the area you want to brighten by leaving it for 5-10 minutes, also on the regular basis.