Bubble mask – Are those face masks really effective?

Our face is like a mirror, where reflects everything that is related with our health and appearance. Excess caffeine, sleepless nights, vitamin lack, too much stress. It all cumulates in our organism and is visible on our faces. When concealers and foundation start to fail, you have to reach for some more effective conditioning products. One of such products is Bubble Mask. How does it work?

All women who love face masks, almost unanimously hail Bubble Mask, best conditioning product for skin care. What is interesting, Bubble Mask is not something new. Bubble masks were in sale for a long time before, but only now they start to take over at home conditioning. Month after month, they gain more and more love from women, who claim that Bubble Mask is a true salvation for problematic skin. Especially recommended is Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask from Elizavecca.

Sudden popularity of Bubble Mask – as everything lately – is a merit of the Instagram. There you can observe this sudden rise of popularity of face mask in form of foam. Last few weeks, portal was flooded with countless amounts of selfies with applied Bubble Mask. This foam is an effect of application Elizavecca Milk Piggy mask. Similarly to sheet masks, this cosmetic was also imported from Asia. There, this masks are inseparable element of everyday skin care. Europeans only start to test Bubble Mask.

Why does Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask foam? This phenomenon is a result of contact of mask with air. Bubble masks base on kaolin and Carbon powder. It has consistency of gel, which is easy in application. Only after about 2-3 minutes it starts to foam. Transformation of Bubble Mask after application on skin happens thanks to oxygen bubbles, which unclog pores and oxygenate skin. Main task of Bubble Masks is deep face cleanse, and the greatest benefit of their use are cleanse pores.

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