Bed Head – Smoothing Cream for Hair with Castor Oil

Bed Head is a brand popular all around the World. Products from this company are of the highest quality and provide effect like from hair salon. All cosmetics have unusual and colourful packagings, which can make every bathroom look better and their use become pure pleasure. The brand concentrates only on substances created in a laboratories and is very keen on use of natural and trusted ingredients. All of that to elevate the quality and effectiveness of cosmetics.

For particular attention deserves among many smoothing cream for hair with castor oil: Tigi Bed Head AFTER-PARTY Smoothing Cream.

The cosmetic has volume of 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz and lasts for a very long time, because for stylisation one small dosage is enough. Its pink and bold bottle has effective round top.

The composition is dominated by castor oil, known for its gloss providing properties. If you want to ensure your hair with immediate condition boost, castor oil will be remarkable. In a very quick and effective way it smoothers hair, provides softness and gloss. Castor oil takes great care of hair. Therefore, it is stylisation combined with exceptional protection and nourishment. Castor oil works very well when styling hair, because it protects them e.g. against hot air from the blow dryer. What is more, it will also take care of hair ends – in particular the one prone to frizz.

Castor oil is not the only valuable ingredient locked in a pink packaging. Smoothing cream from Bed Head consists of mica – safe mineral raw material without clogging properties. The word mica is derived from the Latin word mica, meaning a crumb, or word micare, to glitter. This mineral silica enhances hair gloss. Hence, its wide use in hair care products, cosmetics for body care and make-up cosmetics. It is used quite frequently in illuminating powders and eye shadows.

In Bed Head product, mica enhances gloss providing properties of castor oil. It is a perfect partner with natural origin, which is fully safe and effective. Another common quality of both ingredients is their durability – used for stylisation guarantee hair with smoother for many hours to come.

On top of that, application of the cream with castor oil is very simple – small amount of the cosmetic apply on hair and smoother them with a hand or a stylisation hair brush. Cream with castor oil not only will tame hair, but also provide them with beautiful, fruity and fresh scent. It can also eliminate smell of the cigarette smoke, that hair can absorb during the all night party.