Elements and Minerals – What co you find in your cosmetics?

Did you know that your cream contains most of elements and minerals from the periodic table? Gold, zinc, magnesium, silicon and many more. All of them take care of skin, but which of them do you need the most? Let’s see what properties have ingredients hidden in your cosmetics.

Silicon, zinc, magnesium, gold and silver are elements, which are the most commonly used as an addition to conditioning cosmetics. What properties do they have? Silicon is responsible for collagen production, strengthens walls of blood vessels and accelerates healing of wounds and irritations. Silicon used as an ingredient in cosmetics is obtained from plants, like common horsetail, stinging nettles and common dandelion. Silicon is used in preparations strengthening hair and nails, in anti-dandruff cosmetics, toning up face creams and products dedicated for skin conditioning of couperose skin and skin prone to irritations. What is more, it regulates work of sebaceous glands, minimises inflammations and acne.

Other elements are also extremely important for functioning of skin as well as the entire body. Zinc has antibacterial, cleansing and pulling properties. It limits sebum secretion, reduces acne and improves condition of hair and nails. This element is also an ingredient of cosmetics dedicated for skin care of babies and people with atopic eczema. Zinc is an antioxidant, which supports collagen synthesis and makes skin elastic. What’s interesting, it is also a natural and mineral sun filter.

Magnesium is another element often used in cosmetics. It is present in the nature and in our organisms. It is very important for proper functioning of nervous system, and in protein, fats and carbs metabolism. It is also responsible for conducting of electric impulses between nerve cells and muscles. Magnesium is difficult to supply, because not every dietary supplement with content of it is absorbed in the same way. Through stress, large amounts of coffee, tea and alcohol, magnesium is being washed out of organism. As a cosmetic ingredient, it protects skin against free radicals and wrinkles.

The most luxurious ingredients are gold and silver. It is not difficult to figure it out that the price of products with content of this elements is pretty high. Silver and gold have antibacterial and oxygenating properties. They improve intercellular metabolism, nourish epidermis, smoother small wrinkles and support elimination of acne. In plastic surgery are used golden threads, which improve face oval and tone up skin.

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