WIBO Queen Size. Mascara for the true queen?

Wibo promotes their newest Queen Size mascara as a way for a sexy look and the “cat’s eye” effect. I am very willing to test this sort of products and the occasion to test this one kind of came across on its own, because I found it in one of the ShinyBoxes. Is Wibo Queen Size a revolutionary mascara? I encourage you to read my review.

Let’s start with the composition. Queen Size formula is clinically tested, so there is no risk of allergy. In the composition we will find: synthetic beeswax, natural beeswax, esters of jojoba oil, carnauba wax (from palm leafs), arabic gum, glycerine, vitamin E and natural black colourant. The big plus of this mascara is that in its composition we won’t find parabens, TEA and other harmful ingredients. The mascara is fragrance-free.

I have spent several pleasant weeks of testing Wibo Queen Size. Why pleasant? Mascara is undeniably easy in application thanks to the brush. The Queen Size mascaras’ brush is quite big (for me it’s a plus, but I know that some women prefer small applicators), slightly bended with thick hair. I usually prefer silicone brushes, but this one work really well too. For easier application in the corners of the eyes the brush is slightly thinner at the top.

The consistency of the product is thick, which I usually see as a plus. In this case the pleasant application doesn’t entirely give satisfactory effects. The pigmentation is very intensive, which is good, but the application effect is very disappointing. Queen Size mascara is co thick (though it maybe caused by unfinished packaging), it applies too much of the cosmetic, which causes lashes to glue together and creation of lumps. After brushing this problem is solved and lashes become thick, long and curled. However, I would much rather prefer to achieve this effect without the necessity of additional brushing.

As a last thing I would want to confront my opinion with what Wibo promises on their site. Queen Size mascara has “an exceptionally rich formula” – the composition is very clear and positively surprises, however, I wouldn’t call it exceptionally rich. Wibo makes it possible to gain “intensive and long lasting effect” – mascara is intensive I have to admit it and it’s because of high pigmentation, but long lasting isn’t its strong asset. On the other hand “one skim of the brush is enough to (…) formula in an expressive way thickens, adds length and curls lashes” – it’s true, but only after brushing. Mascara “very precisely distributes on each lash” and “gives multidimensional effect without glueing the lashes or creating lumps” – the brush allows to distribute mascara even on the shortest lashes , but I wouldn’t call it precise, because of spidery legs and lumps, which appear after every application.

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