The most common mistakes in using mascara. Do you make them as well?

Mascara is almost every woman’s best friend, and there is good reason for it, because even the best eye make-up will not bring them out without beautiful eyelashes. Because we use mascara almost every day we are convinced that we just cannot make any mistakes in using it. Nothing could be more wrong than that. Most of us unknowingly make at least few of the most common mistakes in using mascara. Do you make them as well?

Pumping with mascara brush

Sometimes we need to take in a little bit more mascara with our brush when there isn’t really much left of it and we try to scoop it from the internal walls with rhythmical up and down movement. This is a mistake that can cost us loss of mascara. By pumping with mascara’s handgrip we pump in unnecessary air which significantly accelerates its drying. Limit handgrip movement to minimum.

Using mascara for too long

Mascara, like every other beauty product, has its expiration date. Mascara’s formula, package specification and usage limit its average usage to three months – after this time we should replace it. How many times we use our mascara for many months, until it is almost empty, only because we don’t want to spend any more money?

Not cleaning the brush

It may seem weird, but with no doubt it has impact on efface quality. The mascara’s brush should be washed (just like we wash make-up brushes). You don’t have to do that after every use, but you should definetly wash and dry it every now and then. This way you can avoid dried lumps which are making eyelashes to glue together.

Not curling eyelashes with eyelash curl

You can skip that point if have naturally curled eyelashes, though we all know there aren’t many of you. Most of us have straight eyelashes and in this case even the best mascara won’t help you. Before every efface you should curl up your eyelashes with some eyelash curl, only then you can achieve desirable effect.

Wrong efface technique

You would think there is nothing difficult in effacing your eyelashes, and you would be wrong. While effacing eyelashes you should make slightly zig-zag movement – from the base of the eyelashes towards their tips, while moving the brush from one side to the other. Only that way you can efficiently spread mascara.

Applying too many layers

This point is in a way connected to the previous one about mistakes in effacing eyelashes. Often enough we apply too many layers on our eyelashes thinking that with every next layer we emphasize the effect. This mistake will lead you to eyelashes glued together and creation of an effect called “spidery legs”.

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