Lash Lift And Lamination At Home? Choose Nanolash Lift Kit And Forget About Your Eyelash Curler!

Many women use an eyelash curler. It has quite a negative effect on eyelashes, especially if used in excess. However, without a lash curler and multiple coats of mascara, it’s hard to get a satisfying effect. That’s why it’s worth trying at-home eyelash lamination with the Nanolash Lift Kit! 

Eyelash lift at home – what results can be expected?

Lash lift and lamination is one of the most popular beauty treatments. It is completely non-invasive and can be safely performed on even the most damaged eyelashes. It can rebuild them every time, as well as significantly lengthen, regenerate, and curl them.

Eyelash lift can be associated mainly with experienced lash artists. They deal with all the treatments on a daily basis, which are supposed improve the condition of eyelashes and give them an ideal shape.

The Nanolash brand has decided to launch a lash lift and lamination kit which can be used at home without the slightest problem. It is simple, less expensive, and allows you to achieve satisfactory results.

Following the treatment, eyelashes get a whole new life. They look not only long, curled, and thicker, but also deeply moisturized. The lashes will be flexible, as well as more susceptible to styling.

Laminating eyelashes with Nanolash is easy!

Nanolash Lash Lift Kit consists of three products:

  • Lift – Step 1;
  • Fix – Step 2;
  • Keratin Booster – Step 3.

Each one is available in a 0.5 milliliter sachet. Interestingly, the kit includes 10 sachets of each formula. This means that you will easily be able to carry out as many as 10 treatments to enjoy amazing results.

The lift kit is completed with:

  • 3 pairs of silicone rods in 3 sizes;
  • Lash Lift Glue for attaching the rods;
  • other lash lamination accessories.

You can see that the Nanolash Lift Kit is complete. You do not need to supplement it with any accessories purchased separately.

lash lift kit

Lash lamination with it takes several minutes and is super easy. However, it is worth remembering that eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned first. Product residues can hinder the penetration of nourishing ingredients and prevent lash restoration.

After makeup removal, you can separate the top lashes from the bottom ones and attach the rods as close to the lash line as possible. Using the first product, comb the lashes upward so that they stick to the rod. After 7-10 minutes, the first coat can be washed off, and the same process can be repeated with the other two products.

At the very end, all you need to do is comb the lashes thoroughly and remove the rods. The effect will be visible immediately. Eyelashes will look healthy and shiny, and their length and curl will be strongly emphasized. Women who use an eyelash curler on a daily basis can simply ditch it.

According to the producer’s declaration, the effect should last up to 8 weeks. Much depends on the initial condition of the lashes though The more damaged they are, the more time is needed to rebuild them. For this reason, the effect of the first treatment may last a little shorter.

At-home lash lamination with the kit from Nanolash – summary

Laminating eyelashes at home will allow you to achieve exactly the same results as in a beauty salon. At the same time, the lash lift kit from Nanolash is easy to use. Even with no experience, you will be able to handle it without the slightest problem.

The product from Nanolash is a proof that beautiful and healthy eyelashes are possible to achieve in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to spend a considerable amount of money and an experienced beautician to perform a lash lift that will completely transform your lash look and improve your gaze.

Certainly, noone will regret investing in this kit for at-home lash lamination. The results will be spectacular!