Let’s choose the best brow lift and lamination it for home see! [Ranking TOP 5]

DIY eyebrow lamination is a popular beauty treatment among women who want to enhance their beauty and avoid spending long hours in front of the mirror styling unruly eyebrows. Eyebrow lamination is a quick and effective method for improving the appearance of eyebrows. Thanks to this treatment, you don’t have to style your eyebrows every day because they look perfect anyway. Every single hair is properly positioned, so you save a lot of time and have peace of mind for several weeks. Laminated eyebrows look ideal for a long time, so you can feel beautiful every day.

  1. What is eyebrow lamination?
  2. Eyebrow lamination at home – how should it be done?
  3. At-home eyebrow lamination kit – which one? [Ranking]
  4. How should you prepare your eyebrows for the treatment?
  5. What to avoid after eyebrow lamination?

What is eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is currently one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, especially among people with thin and sparse eyebrows or coarse hairs growing in different directions. Thanks to this treatment, laminated eyebrows look visually denser and thicker. They are also greatly lifted and beautifully emphasized. Their natural colour becomes more expressive while daily eyebrow styling is especially quick and easy – you can even skip it entirely! In addition, eyebrow lamination can help correct eyebrow shape and even out asymmetry between the arches of the eyebrows. Just like eyelash lamination, eyebrow lamination involves a special preparation with thioglycolic acid to cover the hairs. It opens the hair scales which makes it possible to style and set the hairs in the desired way. The effects of eyebrow lamination usually last for about 4-6 weeks, depending on the susceptibility of the skin and eyebrows. The procedure is completely painless and takes about an hour. Eyebrow lamination also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different eyebrow shapes and looks without having to apply makeup every day. You can get your eyebrows laminated at most good beauty salons, but DIY eyebrow lamination done at home is just as effective and efficient. Moreover, brow lamination at home costs much less than eyebrow lamination at a beauty salon.

Eyebrow lamination at home – how to do it?

With a handy eyebrow lamination kit, you can easily laminate your eyebrows yourself. Eyebrow lamination at home can be an easy and pleasant method for getting visually denser, thicker, well-tamed and perfectly laminated eyebrows. However, it is important to follow the instructions that come with the eyebrow lamination kit to avoid possible mistakes during the treatment. It is also worth considering some important aspects before doing eyebrow lamination yourself, such as: determining the condition and vulnerability of the eyebrows, performing an allergy test or choosing a proper eyebrow lamination kit.

At-home eyebrow lamination set – which one? [Ranking]


“This is the complete set for lifting and lamination of eyebrows, thanks to which you can easily style the hairs, give them the right shape and get ideal eyebrows for many weeks! The professionalism and an easy application result in an ideal set for beauty salons and for lamination at home!”

Nanobrow Lamination Kit is contained in white, tasteful packaging. This is a professional eyebrow lamination kit for beginners, intermediate and professional stylists. After opening the box, it looks very aesthetic, which attracts attention and encourages you to discover the contents. This brow lamination kit is pleasing to the eye and has a minimalistic design, which makes it a great eyebrow lamination kit for those people who appreciate the simplicity and high quality. In the set, you will find all the necessary eyebrow lamination products and accessories – both for eyebrow lifting at home and for beauty salon treatment – eyebrow glue, eyebrow lifting solution, fixer, small brush, spoolie and 10 disposable applicators. Advanced formulas of the products ensure safety and effectiveness. Eyebrow lamination with Nanobrow Lamination Kit is an ideal method for improving the appearance of eyebrows with minimal time and cost. In half an hour your eyebrows will undergo a unique transformation. You will conceal gaps and patches in the eyebrow arch, tidy up unruly and wrongly growing hairs, as well as visually add volume and a healthy shine to your eyebrows. You can easily enhance the treatment with tinting. Effects of eyebrow lamination performed with Nanobrow Lamination Kit last for 6 weeks and  you can perform up to 10 individual treatments.

What does the Nanobrow eyebrow lamination set contain?

  1. Brow glue
  2. Lifting lotion
  3. Fixer
  4. Small brush
  5. Spooli
  6. 10 disposable applicators

The set is enough for: 10 individual treatments


  • Price
  • The “fluffy eyebrows” effect
  • Solid cardboard packaging with magnetic closing
  • Professional eyebrow lamination set both for home use and for beauty salons
  • Clear, understandable step-by-step instructions
  • Long-lasting effects of each treatment – approx. 6 weeks
  • Very economical eyebrow lamination set, which lasts for about 10 individual treatments
  • Eyebrow lamination DIY takes about 30 minutes to complete


  • Nanobrow Lamination Kit is sold out quickly – it would be best to order it through the official website of the producer (nanobrow.us)


“With the RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit, brows can be set semi-permanently in any desired shape. Brow hairs are permanently shaped in just 10 minutes – perfectly masked sparse areas and stubborn hairs are tamed and disciplined!”

What first catches your attention here is the original cardboard packaging of this eyebrow lamination kit. Colourful accents add elegance and modernity to the Brow Lamination Kit. Inside, you will find two eyebrow lamination products necessary for the treatment, double-sided applicators with brush and spoolie, a plastic container for solution application and some eye pads. The effects of the treatment are visible immediately after using the set, and regular lamination of the eyebrows helps to maintain the effects for a long time.

Thanks to the modern formula, the time of action of the lifting solution has been reduced to a minimum (about 6 minutes). An additional advantage is eye pads, which take care of this sensitive area of your face when you lift the eyebrows. On the producer’s website, it was stated that the Eyebrow Lamination Kit is suitable for professional use only.

What does the eyebrow lamination kit contain?

  1. Lash & Brow Perm
  2. Neutraliser
  3. Eye pads
  4. 2-in-1 applicators
  5. Cosmetic containers

The set is enough for: 15 individual treatments


  • short effect time of the lifting preparation
  • free eye pads
  • containers – helpful when applying the eyebrow lamination products, which are in tubes, or when tinting the eyebrows
  • the set is enough for 15 individual treatments


  • Price
  • Eyebrow lamination set only for professional use


“Thanks to it you can curl your eyelashes or straighten unruly eyebrows. The main ingredient of the product, thioglycolic acid, safely dissolves the keratin bond of the hair, so that you can give them the desired shape .”

The eyebrow lamination set contains twelve bags of gel for permanent eyebrow styling, twelve bags of neutralizer, a pre-styling solution for eyebrows, argan keratin tint in graphite shade, a creamy activator, mixing glass, and a professional brush for applying colour. The set also includes a small bottle of turmeric-based makeup remover for cleaning the skin and hairs before laminating eyebrows. Sensitive skin owners should be careful with this ingredient – although it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it can cause irritation. With this eyebrow lamination kit, you can add eyebrow tint to the treatment but the package contains only graphite dye. In a glass container and with a brush, the colour is mixed before it is applied to the eyebrows. With the help of this kit for laminating eyebrows at home, you can also perform an eyelash lift, but on the producer’s website, there is information that for this purpose you need to buy additional glue and rollers.

What does the eyebrow lamination kit contain?

  1. Perming Gel
  2. Neuralizer Cream
  3. Pre-styling preparation
  4. Eyebrow colour
  5. Make-up Remover
  6. Brush
  7. Glass container

The set is enough for: 12 individual treatments


  • the set is sufficient for 12 individual eyebrow lamination treatments
  • with this set, you enhance eyebrows with tinting, lamination as well as eyelash lifting
  • eyebrow lamination products contain keratin, which rebuilds the hairs
  • each element of the set can also be purchased separately on the producer’s website


  • high price
  • no disposable applicators
  • for eyelash lifting it is necessary to buy additional glue and rollers
  • the eyebrow colour included in the set comes only in graphite shade – there is no option for blondes or redheads


“This complete eyebrow lifting set allows you to style your eyebrows semi-permanently.”

Eyebrow lifting with this set is easy to perform. In effect, you will get lifted and visually thickened eyebrows. In addition, the formula of the nourishing serum helps to moisturize the eyebrows and restore damage to the hair structure. Thanks to the use of this set, eyebrows get a better condition, so they look beautiful and healthy. Minimalist design and orange accents make this brow lamination set look very aesthetic after opening. In the set, there are three identical bottles – they are described and marked (1,2,3) and an eyebrow styling soap which is a good beauty product for everyday eyebrow styling, but may not “please” everyone. Doing makeup with the soap requires some practice which is completely unnecessary for the lamination treatment. However, it is an interesting addition to the whole eyebrow lamination set. This is a good eyebrow lamination set for those people who appreciate simple design, functionality and aesthetics.

What does the eyebrow lamination set contain?

  1. Brow Lifting Gel
  2. Brow Fixing Lotion
  3. Brow Nourishing Serum
  4. Ibra Eyebrow Soap
  5. 10 eyebrow brushes

The set is enough for: 10 individual treatments


  • the set additionally contains Nourishing Serum, whose task is to moisturize laminated eyebrows
  • eyebrow soap from the set can be used for everyday-wear eyebrow make-up (but is unnecessary when laminating eyebrows)
  • aesthetic, white-orange packaging


  • high price
  • on the manufacturer’s website, there is information that eyebrows should be covered with occlusive foil during the treatment, but this is not included in the set
  • all bottles with preparations look identical, but they are marked
  • there is no convenient brush for applying the eyebrow lamination products


“Providing the effect of full eyebrows and durability, the ICONSIGN eyebrow laminating kit allows you to create better eyebrows at home than at the beauty salon. Bring out the full potential of your eyebrows without the need for expensive eyebrow lamination at the salon.”

The feminine golden-pink design distinguishes this popular eyebrow lamination kit for home use. It contains the necessary products you need to give your eyebrows a well-defined, stronger look for several weeks and dispense with daily styling. The set contains eyebrow glue, softening and fixing cosmetic solutions, brushes for applying the products, and additionally scissors and a trimmer for tweezing and trimming eyebrows. The producer promises a permanent eyebrow lift that lasts up to two months – but don’t mention that the condition and thickness of the hairs play a decisive role. The use of ICONSIGN solutions allows you to smooth your eyebrows, visually thicken them and give them a deeper colour. They do not contain irritating substances, which is of great importance for sensitive skin. After laminating your eyebrows, apply a nourishing oil to moisturize the hairs.

What does the eyebrow lamination kit contain?

  1. Lift Glue
  2. Perm Lotion
  3. Fixation Lotion
  4. Trimmer
  5. Scissors 
  6. Disposable brushes 
  7. Micro-brush 

The set is enough for: 6 individual treatments


  • additional scissors and trimmer for tweezing and trimming eyebrows
  • feminine design
  • safe for sensitive skin prone to irritation


  • Price
  • Only for home use
  • Enough for only 6 eyebrow laminations

How should you prepare your eyebrows before the lamination treatment?

Before lamination your eyebrows at home, it is recommended to follow a few instructions. This way, you can achieve the best effects and avoid possible complications during the treatment.

  1. Judge the condition of your eyebrows – if they are excessively falling out, weakened and brittle, and the skin under them is irritated or red, take care of them properly first, and only then perform the eyebrow lift.
  2. The day before the procedure, do an allergy test on a small fragment of skin, such as your forearm, to make sure you are not allergic to eyebrow lamination products. If you experience redness, burning or discomfort the next day, refrain from laminating your arches.
  3. Do not use exfoliating products such as retinoids, AHA and BHA acids for a few days before the treatment. Also avoid excessive sun exposure, solarium and self-tanner.
  4. Immediately before eyebrow lamination, it is necessary to cleanse the skin with an oil-free makeup removal product to remove all skin care products, makeup and dirt. For example, you can reach for micellar water.

What to avoid after eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow care after lamination at home is extremely important – be sure to follow all the tips presented below to prolong the effects of DIY eyebrow lamination:

  1. Do not touch your eyebrows immediately after lamination and do not sleep with your face on the pillow to avoid changing the eyebrow shape.
  2. Do not wet or touch your eyebrows for 1 day after the procedure.
  3. Do not pluck or trim your eyebrows immediately after eyebrow lamination.
  4. For the first 24 hours after the procedure, refrain from the sauna, swimming pool and other places where your eyebrows may have contact with heat and moisture.
  5. Avoid using peels, self-tanners and retinoids on the eyebrow area for about 2 days.
  6. Avoid cosmetic products for eyebrow care for 24 hours after eyebrow lamination. After this time, daily application of an eyebrow treatment or oil, e.g. argan oil, is recommended.