How to do the manicure – this method will make your nails perfect!

Beautiful nails are the attribute of womanhood, but also our hallmark. Many women treat them as decoration so no wonder that we want them to be beautiful. However, sometimes there are such days when our nails simply do not want to cooperate. They not only split, nail polish cracks, but in general, the whole manicure does not work. If you too have nail polish on the cuticles or you have not applied the nail polish evenly – learn all about how to do it correctly. We know the perfect way for the fingernails to look beautiful and to be perfectly filed.


It is necessary to file the nails but can also be very treacherous for their condition. It’s the wrong file that can make the edge of the nail suffer micro damages. The edge becomes ragged and during the day water and humidity get to the nail damaging it. The nail plate splits or breaks. That is why you should get a glass file because it is the one that takes the best care of the delicate nail. Remember to file the nail in one direction so that the edge is smooth and the nail does not split.


  1. File and clear the nail plate so that the nail polish is able to hold better.
  2. Apply the base to protect the nail against harmful components from nail polish and to prevent discoloration of the nail plate. The base will make your manicure hold better and fingernails will be better nourished.
  3. Time for the color! Apply a drop of the chosen nail polish in the middle of the nail plate – try to land the drop slightly above the cuticles. Remember that the drop cannot be too big to avoid spilling it to the skin.
  4. Now gently distribute the drop towards the skin using a brush with little product on it.
  5. Then distribute the drop in the opposite direction to the edge of the nail. Reach all the way to the end of the nail plate.
  6. Now is the time for the sides. Place the brush at the base of the fingernail – right by the skin and gently run it along the rounded part of the nail plate on the side of the nail.
  7. Now with one smooth move spread the nail polish on the sides of the nail plate towards the edge. Do the same thing on the other side of the nail. Repeat it on each nail.
  8. There should be two layers of the product on each nail. Remember to wait a bit after you apply the first layer so that the nail polish has time to dry before the application of the next layer. After the two layers, the color should be deep and expressive. If you see that nails need the third layer – you can obviously do it but remember that too much product makes for worsening of the manicure durability.
  9. The last one is to use a colorless top to provide the gloss and protect nails against damage. If you want for the manicure to last longer than a day or two, protect the edge of the nail with colorless nail polish. Just run the brush across the edge of the nail. Your gorgeous manicure is ready!

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