Trendy Hair Colouring With ColorCuts Foam Strips

Trendy Hair Colouring With ColorCuts Foam Strips
Do you want to create fashionable colouring on your clients’ heads? The lightweight, thermal ColorCuts strips make it much easier. They are a unique hairdressing accessory that shortens the colouring procedure time and gives you full control over the effects. Check out how they work!

ColorCuts: Highlighting Foam Strips

Professional accessories are extremely important in the daily workflow of a hairdresser. Most salons use aluminium foil, which is damaging to hair, burning it from the inside and leading to often irreversible damage and irritation.

ColorCuts strips are made of biodegradable material, which enables easy application of colouring products even in the most difficult areas. The semi-transparent coating ensures full control of the procedure and easy touch-ups. Say goodbye to impractical aluminium foil and replace it with pleasing to the eye, colourful strips that upgrade the aesthetics of the colouring and comfort of your work.

The strips measure 100×305 mm, making them suitable even for very long hair. You can cut and bend them at will, and after use, throw them in the washing machine and reuse them. This practical tool is valued by both professionals and trainees. Highlighting Foam Strips are useful assistants in the hairdresser’s daily work, guaranteeing top quality, comfort and, above all, successful colouring results.

Multi-dimensional styling with ColorCuts strips

The handy strips can create the hairstyles of your clients’ dreams in half the time. The unique coating boosts the effect of colouring products, bringing out a unique shade and depth of colour. The material insulates heat, maintaining the optimal hair temperature and preventing overheating.

This gives maximum control over colouring and the ability to make easy touch-ups. The strips get a grip in contact with moisture from the hair dye – they don’t slip and slide on the hair, streamlining the entire colouring procedure.

highlighting foam strips

The high-quality thermal strips are created from 80% recycled materials. They are also recyclable as the Maltese ColorCuts brand combines ecology with technology. These strips ensure precise, multi-level colouring and were created in tune with the zero-waste concept to save you money. Care for the environment combined with innovation is the best combination.

Highlighting Foam Strips – properties

Highlighting Foam Strips for multi-layered hair colouring cut the application time by up to half. They come in a handy box, the strips are easy to take out and don’t slip off the hair, providing the ultimate comfort for your clients.

ColorCuts strips minimise the risk of mechanical and thermal damage, as tthey ensure air circulation between layers so the hair could ‘breathe’ freely. The strips are suitable for all colouring techniques and the semi-transparent coating ensures constant control over the colour change.

Comfort, looks, smooth texture, softness and flexibility – all these features can attract satisfied customers. The colourful strips ensure you don’t make a mistake during a multi-coloured procedure, easily separating hair sections from each other.

High-quality colouring strips can streamline your hair salon, save time and prevent damage to the hair. Take full control of colouring! Learn more about the product: