How to choose shade of make-up base accordingly to skin complexion?

It may seem like make-up base is a redundant cosmetic. Wrong! This product is necessary for each one of us, especially when you apply full make-up. But are you certain that you know what base should you choose? Read below, how you can match shade of make-up base with your skin complexion.

Make-up base is an extremely helpful cosmetic. Why? Because, you can use it not only as a cosmetic extending durability of foundation, but also as a base for eye shadows. In both cases, it will work perfectly. Make-up base provides camouflage for imperfections, like pimples, spots, scars and dark circles around the eyes. It ensures ideal look of your skin and makes make-up truly flawless. What is more, some make-up bases have conditioning properties. They nourish, provide tone up and lighten skin complexion. It would be a sin not to use it. However, to look beautiful you have to match shade of make-up base with skin complexion. How can you do that?

Most of all, you have to determine your skin problems. From there it should go smoothly. There are five shades of make-up bases. Pink is recommended for fatigue skin, deprived of glow and dull. It should not be used by people with couperose skin. Green make-up base is great for people dealing with redness and spider vines. For dark circles around the eyes and puffiness perfect will be make-up base in yellow shade. Cosmetic in orange colour can easily handle violet and blue imperfections of skin. Yellowish skin complexion can be eliminated with blue make-up base.

What are checked out make-up bases? Here are few examples: Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects with yellow shade. Orange colour has make-up base from Inglot, Corrective Primer. Smoothing Foundation Primer is a pink base from PUPA. Green shade has Catrice, Primer and Fine. NYX, on the other hand, provides blue make-up base, Color Correcting Liquid.

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