6 Oil Base from Clarena

Skin care with Clarena provides home made treatment with fully professional form. It all thanks to cosmetics, which offer the highest quality, the best combination of concentrated substances and properties oriented at the most popular skin problems. Such proposition provides also multi-purpose elixir based on 6 oils. How does it work? What are its properties? Read below.

Do you have problem with sensitive skin? Do you have couperose skin prone to redness? You don’t know how to get rid of spider wines and red skin changes? Does your skin have tendency to flake? Or maybe you have mature or excessively dry skin? Elixir Clarena 6’Oil Base is a product just for you! Multi-purpose elixir from Clarena is recommended in skin care of mostly dry, flaky, mature or problematic skin.

What will you get from this brand in just one bottle of the product? A lot. Mainly carefully developed complex of natural vegetable oils, which complement each other. 6 Oil Base is like the name indicates, set of six oils.

What oils can be found in the composition of 6’Oil Base?

  1. Sweet almond oil
  2. Sunflower oil
  3. Macadamia oil
  4. Sesame oil
  5. Corn oil
  6. Olive oil

Properties of multi-purpose elixir with 6 oils provides improvement of skin condition on many levels. Most of all, it is an oil based product with regenerative and protective properties, which restore hydro-lipid skin barrier. It protects skin against harmful external factors, like extreme temperatures, biting winds, excess humidity and UV radiation. Protection is also ensured by natural antioxidant in form of vitamin E, which blocks harmful influence of free radicals. It makes, multi-purpose elixir with six oils great anti-age product and slowers ageing processes of skin. What is more, Clarena 6 Oil Base provides moisture and smoother. Unfortunately, product is not yet available on the British market.

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